New Zealand Patent No. 592982

New Zealand Design Registration No. 414922




Spanquip Mid-Span support bars are a revolutionary new roofing product, designed by Roofquip Ltd to be used alongside New Zealand’s major commercial roofing profiles. The aim of the Spanquip bar is to provide a faster, easier and more economical support bar as an alternative to other metal bars currently being used on New Zealand roofs.



Current Mid-Span Support Bar/Span Breakers vs Spanquip:



The problem with the current mid-span support bars is the amount of time required to produce them. They are labour intensive; and each bar must be folded by hand on site or offsite manually on a machine. The bars produced need to be customised for each job and can often require up to seven folds per bar. This method is expensive and causes delays to site progress.





Current metal mid-span support bars are inflexible and when they don’t fit properly consequent deflections cause damage and rubbing to clear sheeting.
Bars made offsite or on-site by installers are often produced to an inadequate standard; the product may not fit the roof profile correctly, requiring the installer to adjust the metal roofing to allow the bar to fit. An example of this is when the edge lip of the roofing iron needs to be cut and folded down to receive the support bar correctly.


Another condoning feature of the current metal support bars is their sharp edges and burs, which when coming into contact with polycarbonate or fibreglass roofing can cause damage.

In conclusion the current metal mid-span support bars are labour intensive, inefficient, and inaccurate and can cause damage to polycarbonate and fibreglass sheeting. For these reasons Roofquip Limited designed a superior product and is proud to introduce Spanquip’s™, a revolutionary mid-span support system.






Product Overview


The Spanquip™ Mid-Span support bar consists of two UV resistant plastic brackets, and a 0.75 gauge metal connector bar which is supplied to length, to match the translucent roofing being used.




15 Year Warranty


The plastic used in each bracket is guaranteed to retain its strength qualities for a minimum of 15 years in direct sunlight.



Spanquip™ Benefits


  • Faster to install
  • Easier to use
  • Fits more accurately
  • No burs to cause damage to translucent roofing
  • Reduces on-site labour
  • Faster delivery
  • Strong and robust
  • Consistent quality control
  • Made in New Zealand


Profile Options:


—What roofing profiles can the Spanquip™ mid-span system be used with?


There are currently 4 different Spanquip bracket types available which fit the following metal roofing profiles: Other profiles can be created if required.





Bar Lengths


Bars are cut to length by us and vary in length depending on the effective cover of the translucent roofing being used.
When ordering Spanquip™ bars please specify the effective cover of the translucent roofing, as shown below.*




3 Simple Steps to Order

  1. Specify the metal roofing profile from the above table.
  2. Specify the effective cover* of the translucent roofing being used
  3. Specify the quantity of mid-span support bars required.




To install Spanquip Mid-Span support bars simply insert a bracket onto each end of the bar and place into position on the roof. Fix to the roof as usual.





The Spanquip mid-span support bar although strong, is not intended for foot traffic. Do not stand on the Spanquip bar once installed. 








Please contact us to order Spanquip Mid-Span support bars

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