Wind Driven Turbine Ventilators

Commercial - Residential - Industrial 

Skyaxis Ventilators Extract:

Hot Humid Air - Condensation - Fumes and Pollution - Smells and Odours - Corrosive Air

The Benefits of Skyaxis Ventilation:


Reduces heat stress on buildings - Increases staff efficiency - Creates healthier air and environment - Can reduce mould and dust mites - Can increase lifespan of stored products.

Skyaxis Advantages


Low cost - Easy to install - Fits most roof types - Efficient - Silent running - Corrosion resistant - Eco-friendly - Fully waterproof - No wiring - No maintenance - No ongoing costs




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How Skyaxis Ventilators Work:


Skyaxis ventilators work by allowing hot, stale and damp air to be drawn up and out of the building. The removal of this air creates a convection current which draws fresh air back into the building through other openings. Skyaxis ventilators begin to spin due to the heat in a building riaing and also the wind running directly past the ventilator on the roof. The simple action of Skyaxis ventilators keeps energy costs down while ventilating any building, from a small home to a large warehouse - all in an eco-friendly manner.



Skyaxis ventilators are constructed using a high quality aluminium alloy with a revolutionary flurocarbon polyester coating. This coating created a corrosion resistant ventilator superior to others on the market. It's super light-weight allows for a greater spin sensitivity increasing venting effeciency; with spinning starting at just 0.12 meters per second. Skyasis ventilators contain high quality sealed and self lubricating NSK stainless steel axial bearings.

Available Skyaxis Sizes:



Skyaxis 200mm 

Fixed Throat without base plate. The Skyaxis 200mm is ideal for fitting to pipes penetrating the roof. The pipe is usually fixed to the roof with a rubber aquadapt. Aquadapts are available from Roofquip Ltd. 



 Skyaxis 300mm 

Maximum roof pitch: 30 degrees. Square base plate included. 

Skyaxis 500mm and 600mm

Maximum roof pitch: 22 degrees. Square base plate included. 


Skyaxis 700mm and 900mm 

 Industrial flat vane ventilator. Maximum roof pitch: 22 degrees. Square base plate included. Constructed from aluminium and anodised Aliminium (no fluoro coating)



Ideally the ventilators should be positioned as close to the peak of the roof as possible to catch the most wind. Should the ventilators need to be positioned further down the roof we recommend using a cowl flashing that would fit under the ridge and run down the roof to the ideal position. The base plate would then be fitted ontop of the cowl flashing. If the pitch of the roof is steeper than the maximum for the ventilator a square to round adaptor can be made to make up the required degrees.






Skyaxis ventilators can be powdercoated by Roofquip to match common NZ roof colours. Marine grade powdercoats can be used for coastal areas. 




Dampers can be manufactured for all sizes of Skyaxis ventilators. Automatic dampers are connected to a 2 position switch on the wall to allow opening and closing of the vent, or Manual dampers come with a pull string cord


Ceiling Diffusers

Round ceiling diffusers are ideal when airflow is required throughout the rooms in the building however a ceiling cavity is present. The ceiling diffusers allow air to flow from the rooms into the ceiling cavity and out through the roof via the Skyaxis ventilator. The centre of the ceiling diffuser can be spun to adjust airflow or to shut the gap completley. 




Rubber aquadapts are ideal to flash the Skyaxis 200mm ventilator to the roof.