Flettner Ventilators are the world leader in wind-powered rotary ventilators. For over 75 years Flettner has maintained an absolute commitment to quality and innovation. All Flettner Ventilators are manufactured to the very highest standard in the United Kingdom.

Flettner's promise is this - that once you fit a Flettner Vent it is so reliable that you can forget about it, forever.



Whether it is fitted to buses in the tropics or to the roofs of cabins in the antarctic, a Flettner Ventilator is designed to operate in even the most hostile of environments. Which is why our customers know that they can always depend upon a Flettner.



  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Utes
  • 4x4's
  • People Carriers
  • SUV's
  • Buses
  • Mini Buses
  • Ambulances
  • Agricultural Vehicles
  • Animal Carrying Vehicles
  • Caravans and Recreational Vehicles
  • Enclosed Trailers
  • Vehicles for the disabled


  • Outhouses
  • Portacoms
  • Remote Location Cabins     
  • Attics
  • Static Caravans and Trailer Homes
  • Biological Toilets


  • Fishing Boats
  • Pleasure Craft

 Why Ventilation?                                        

Flettner Ventilators are generally specified for three major reasons by vehicle owners. 

  1. To extract fumes or stale air from vehicles (for driver and passenger comfort and for health and safety reasons). This applies especially to mini buses and to vehicles carrying gas cylinders, inflammable liquids or chemicals.
  2. To minimise condensation within vehicles. This applies especially to situations where vehicles are frequently stationary or where wet overalls and equipment have to be stored in the vehicle. The installation of the ventilators in this case significantly reduces the damage to equipment and the deterioration of the vehicle's interior through water build up and mould.
  3. To reduce the temperature of vehichles during summer time for operator comfort and for the protection of equipment or perishable goods. 

In most countries employers have a legal obligation towards their employees which requires that all reasonable steps be taken to ensure that employees are not exposed to unnecessary hazards such as fumes, poisonous chemicals or inflammable gases.

In addition excess heat easily builds up in vehicles putting the driver at greater risk of fatigue or lapses in concentration. Combine this with the ubplesant effects of stale air, odours, cigarette smoke and condensation all of which create a severely degraded working environment - discomfort or ill-health for employees, the risk of ruining valuable perishable goods and the potential for damaging expensive equipment.

Passive non-powered ventilation devices such as cowls and grilles can only be of limited help, whilst forced air circulation merely redistributes the problem.

 The Flettner 2000 and Flettner TCX-2 ventilators combat these problems in a way that is simple, economical and highly effective. 


Why Use Rotary Ventilators?

Wind powered rotary ventilators are a popular choice for a range of applications.

Having the convenience of not requiring an external electrical power source they can be fitted to almost any stationary site where there is a breeze, or to any vehicle.

Being wind powered they are much more effective than passive ventilators such as grille or cowls.

Design and Construction

Rotary ventilators comprise two principle active elements.

The first is a wind scoop. This element catches the wind energy and efficiently converts it into rotational kinetic energy.

The second element is a radial extractor fan. This element is turned by the rotor and draws air from the space below, expelling it outward.


  Flettner Models


The Flettner 2000 (Black or White)


Simple, Economical and Effective.

Dont settle for less than the best -

Always fit a Flettner



Discrete Low Profile Unit

Tough Polyproplene and Glass Reinforced Nylon Construction

Stainless Steel Spindle and Bearings

Integral Weather Shield


Ultra Reliable

No Maintenance Required

Download Flettner 2000 Brochure

Download Flettner 2000 Fitting Instructions


The Flettner 2000 is firmly established as the definitive wind-powered rotary ventilator. Used around the world the Flettner 2000 has proved itself to be tough, durable and utterly reliable.

Capable of operating in extreme conditions this ventilator is used worldwide on vehicles, boats and buildings; providing round the clock ventilationwith no battery drainage. That means less heat build up, less condensation and no build up of dangerous fumes.

Indicative Extraction Rates can be found on downloadable brochure



Stylish Sleek Design

Powerful Air Extraction

Simple to Fit

Adjustable Shutter

Tough Polypropylene and Glass Reinforced Nylon Construction

Stainless Steel Spindle and Bearings

Integral Weather Shield

Narrow Base Option Available ( Suitable for most ribbed roofs)

Ultra Reliable

No Maintenance Required

Download Flettner TCX-2 Brochure

Download Flettner TCX-2 Fitting Instructions



The Flettner TCX-2 (Black or White)


The Flettner TCX-2 represents the very latest generation of rotary ventilators. It has been designed with one over-riding purpose in mind - to be the absolute best.


TCX-2 Shutter


The Flettner TCX-2 was designed using leading-edge computer modelling techniques to maximise the efficency and sheer torque that the Flettner   TCX-2 delivers. The result: a brand new rotary ventilator that extracts nearly twice as much as the famous Flettner 2000. As if that wern't enough the TCX-2 is also much simpler to fit than a conventional rotary ventilator. The reduced fitting time represents a substantial saving in labour costs compared with previous models.

State of the art manufacturing and rigorous quality management ensure that each and every TCX-2 is built to Flettner's exacting standards. The Flettner maxim has never been more true: 'Fit it and forget it'.

Indicative Extraction Rates can be found on downloadable brochure                     



For more information on Flettner Ventilators please visit www.flettner.co.uk or phone Roofquip Limited on 03 579 5086.